Start the year off with a delicious and healthy dish. Introducing high quality “MIYAHI” brand sea cucumbers from Gan-wu, Hokkaido. | 株式会社キットブルー

Start the year off with a delicious and healthy dish. Introducing high quality “MIYAHI” brand sea cucumbers from Gan-wu, Hokkaido.


Rich in beauty enhancing elements, such as collagen, ceramides, saponins, and proteoglycans, sea cucumbers have been highly valued for their nutritional value in China for generations. To mark the start of the New Year, we introduce to you a special dish made with MIYAHI brand sea cucumbers from Gan-wu, Hokkaido.

Presenting quality-assured sea cucumbers to the world.

We at KIT BLUE Inc. strive to create a global awareness of the delights of the Gan-wu region in Hokkaido. To this end, our company is active in a wide variety of areas, including the development of regional marine products, as well as information distribution. Our firm conducts research into the aquaculture of ‘winter’ sea urchin, and in 2019 launched the MIYAHI brand of products made from high quality sea cucumbers from Gan-wu, Hokkaido. To date, the brand’s range includes dried sea cucumbers and a series of skin care products which utilize sea cucumbers’ special therapeutic qualities.

MIYAHI Brand products exclusively use sea cucumbers harvested from the Gan-wu region. These sea cucumbers are characteristic for having six rows of tall papillae, resembling spikes, and are highly prized within Japan itself. Harvesting is performed by local fishermen, who take great care not to damage this prized catch.

The drying process for the sea cucumbers is carried out over a period of around two weeks. After having their innards carefully removed, the sea cucumbers are then repeatedly boiled and chilled in a carefully timed and heat-controlled process. Compared to standard preservation with salt, MIYAHI’s labor-intensive drying method provides a superior product in terms of quality, preservation and traceability.

Good enough to drink to the last drop! Our special medicinal soup.

To promote a better understanding of the culinary appeal of sea cucumbers, we at KIT BLUE are also at work developing dishes that use MIYAHI’s products. On December 2018, the exquisite, “Gan-wu sea cucumber, abalone, and scallop medicinal soup”, was created in cooperation with Shinichi Maeda, owner chef of the ‘An Dining’ restaurant in Kutchan town. Due to popular demand, the dish has been made available at the same restaurant again this winter for a limited time until the end of March 2020.

A key element of the soup is the stock made by extracting the essence of abalone and scallops from the Gan-wu region by boiling them in sake (Niseko Shuzo). The ingredients include MIYAHI sea cucumbers cooked to a perfect texture that is not too hard or too soft. The soup also uses plenty of abalone and scallop meat, as well as genboku (log-cultivated) shiitake mushrooms (from Shintoku Town), and is garnished with deep-fried, organically grown kanjime (pre harvest-chilled) spinach and ginger (both from Kutchan Town).

Maeda is a chef who is deeply familiar with the land and producers (farmers and fishermen) that produce the ingredients, and strives to create exquisite dishes by combining local ingredients. One such dish is this medicinal soup prepared as a nutritionally balanced “super food” by taking advantage of the special qualities of sea cucumbers and combining local ingredients.

The so-called ‘Spring Festival’ (also known as ‘Chinese New Year’) falls on January 25 this year. How about starting the New Year with a health-promoting and delicious dish? To all those spending this winter in Hokkaido, and also to all Japanese who have yet to taste sea cucumbers, we highly recommend you to enjoy our special medicinal soup.

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【宮比-MIYAHI- Product lineup】

MIYAHI GIFT BOX 120g (10piece)

A specially boxed premi- um-grade selection of high-quality dried GAN-WU sea cucumbers. The ideal gift for someone special.

MIYAHI “ONE-PEACE” BOX 12g (1 piece)

Our high-quality, dried GAN-WU sea cucumbers are individually packaged in decorative packages, which make them a perfect souve- nir from Hokkaido.


We recommend our 200g package of high-quality, dried GAN-WU sea cucum- bers for use in the home, and also as gifts.


We added the finest quality of GAN-WU black sea cu- cumber, which has attract- ed attention as a new skin care ingredient, to pure do- mestic horse oil.


Functional beauty serum gel, containing high-quality black sea cucumber har- vested in GAN-WU.

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